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i should be so happy because on the 1st of December i am going to perform at France but i am not,not today because today i have lost my brother.yesterday he was just fine but this morning when we woke he was dead.i know that i’ll be fine but it will take time,so much time but with help from lunga,my friends and my brother legs(davirude aka oso) i’ll be ok.thanks to you for viewing this post may God bless you.(thanks David for teaching me how to blog)I LOVE YOU ALL!


TODAY i was very happy but right now i am sad because David(my teacher/friend/brother)is gone.yes he did promised to come back and he even promised to visit me at my house but i am a bit worried because i think by the end of TODAY he wont even remember who i was,let alone to pronounce my name.but hopefully we will get in touch with each other and he will really  come to my house.oh and by the way some dude  asked me to put my date of birth so i was born in1990-February-08. that was all 4 TODAY,tank you!


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hey it me again gugu your girl.i love you all!

my name is gugulethu mzobe i am 18 and a girl who is very passionate about performing art especially acting.i write films and poems in my spare time.i live in South Africa,KZN,KwaMashu.i like spending time perfecting my craft(art of course) and with my family and friends.i love being alone because it gives me the opportunity to meditate and detox my self,and it also gives me the opportunity to get in touch with my self spiritually,i also like to explore new things and do some researches based on those thing that i am good at is making friends very easly

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